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Finance Products

From Hire Purchase to Finance Lease, we've got you covered.


Hire Purchase

The traditional method to purchase plant and machinery, with ownership at the end of the finance period. Secured on the asset being funded, a Hire Purchase contract is the ideal way to purchase an asset without using your own cash reserves. The repayments are made either monthly or quarterly and we can offer both a Fixed Rate or Variable Rate contract, each of which has their own useful characteristics, depending on the deal structure and type of asset you are purchasing.

Finance Lease

Ideal for those who would prefer to spread the VAT, are not VAT registered or where ownership isn’t necessary. A finance lease is whereby a finance provider purchases the asset on your behalf and essentially leases the asset back to you, allowing you to benefit from the use of the asset for the term of the contract, and beyond should you wish.



An ideal solution if you have equity tied up in assets that are either owned outright or whereby the outstanding finance is less than the asset value. Allows you to release the capital in the asset and inject into the business as working capital, to fuel growth, expansion, recruitment, deposit, VAT payment etc. (the list is essentially endless).

Cashflow Funding

A relatively new entrant to the world of commercial finance, cashflow funding is designed to either bridge short term shortfalls in cashflow (i.e. Corporation tax bill, VAT bill, unexpected repair cost or legal costs, deposit for new purchases etc.) or for longer term growth & expansion plans.

Contract Hire / Operating Lease

A finance solution ideally suited to new cars, vans and wheeled assets. The agreement often allows for low deposits and can include repair and maintenance packages.  A suitable contract if you require a shorter contract period or are looking for an ‘off balance sheet’ solution.  VAT payment is made in addition the any initial deposit and the periodic rental payment.

Vehicle Finance

We understand the market for vehicle finance is competitive and pride ourselves on our ability to offer market leading finance solutions, notably for directors and company owners. We can utilise either a hire purchase, finance lease or contract hire solution to ensure that we offer you competitive, yet flexible terms.

Invoice Finance

Available in either confidential or non-confidential form, invoice finance allows you to release capital tied up in outstanding invoices.