Haulage financing

Whether you run a road haulage firm, freight company or public transport service, you know how quickly the costs of buying and operating your vans and trucks add up. So, competitive rates and terms that suit your needs are a must when securing financing for your business.

With a panel of over 70 lenders and a wealth of experience helping haulage firms, the Full Metal Finance team are well positioned to source the best rates.

Haulage companies often rely on finance lease contracts to keep costs low and maintain a sustainable cash flow. Other benefits include staying tax efficient and the opportunity to upgrade or enhance their fleets. When times get tough, lease contracts can be a lifesaver in a space that relies so heavily on their vehicles. With a wide variety of leasing options available to haulage companies, being financially savvy by spreading out costs could act as the springboard to future growth.

Our Account Directors can take you through your options: from hire purchase and finance leasing for equipment to vehicle finance or freeing up capital with refinancing or invoice financing.

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Clear, transparent communication is the cornerstone of any financial broker. Couple that with top-tier rates on finance lease contracts, and you’ve got Full Metal Finance. Each client is assigned a dedicated and experienced Account Director to help you out every step of the way. With our deep-rooted industry knowledge, our experts will work to source the best rates and terms for your finance.

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