What is Invoice Financing?

There’s nothing more frustrating than unpaid invoices, which can lead to a significant amount of lost capital when tallied up. Invoice financing releases capital tied up in outstanding invoices providing cash flow for where you need it most.

Invoice financing works by you ‘selling’ the invoice to a finance provider, who advances up to 90% of the outstanding invoice value to you and keeps the final 10% until the invoice has been paid. After this, the provider will remit the last 10% to you, minus their fees. 

Invoice financing often provides quick access to funds, with many customers receiving it within 24 hours.

The invoice financing corner of the market has grown increasingly competitive. We’re proud to have stayed ahead of the curve, offering our clients market-leading rates on their invoice financing.

Recoup lost capital

Quick & easy process

Fast access to funds

Why choose invoice financing for your business

Unpaid invoices are an often untapped asset on companies’ balance sheets. 

Invoice financing provides a way to use your capital without waiting for customers to pay invoices. Giving you the funds to pay employees, invest in growth and improve cash flow.

With both confidential and non-confidential forms available, we can find the invoice financing solution that works for your unique needs.

Let's talk Invoice Financing

It can be difficult for companies to chase missing payments. Invoice financing provides you with the funds without the wait. Our solution quickly puts the capital into your pocket, allowing you to invest in the future. 

Speak with one of our experienced Account Directors today to discuss your options. We take the time to understand your business and work to find the best possible solution with our panel of over 70 lenders.