Drainage equipment financing

The drainage sector has changed drastically over recent years. Technology and equipment continue to evolve, making processes quicker and more efficient. While this is positive progress, costs can spiral for those trying to keep up with the latest equipment and rising standards.

Financing options are a fantastic way to invest in that vital new equipment while spreading costs. Whether that means new tools or upgrading your software, plenty of choices are available to drainage companies.

Hire purchase, finance lease, and contract hire offer excellent terms for the hiring or purchase of new equipment. While refinancing allows you to unlock capital from your current assets. Increase your cash flow with invoice financing and cashflow funding to re-invest or help with short-term cash shortfalls.

Draining equipment financing allows you to spread costs, enhance your cash flow and invest your capital in growth. All in all, your business can grow without the inflated risk.

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Financial institutions can charge extortionate rates to drainage companies. This can have a big impact on financial stability, shackling growth and putting the brakes on innovation. Full Metal Finance was born out of frustration with unfair rates and poor communication among brokers. In short: we get it.

Full Metal Finance is a team of experts with their fingers on the pulse. We have decades of experience within the drainage industry, helping clients grow their businesses into successful, profitable enterprises. If you weren’t convinced already, hundreds of our clients have left 5* Trustpilot reviews.

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