Finance lease for construction equipment

Looking for a cost-efficient way to bolster your fleet? Finance leasing could be the answer. Within a finance lease contract, the finance provider purchases an asset on your behalf before leasing the asset back to you. After the finance period, you can enter a second rental period or assign a third party to purchase the asset. Simple, uncomplicated and potentially game-changing.

Finance leasing is a tax-efficient, cost-effective way to add extra assets to your fleet, all with a low initial capital outlay. This option is perfect for companies looking to manage their cash flow more productively by spreading the cost of VAT across the lease period. Companies that are not VAT registered or have no desire for ownership will also find this option very beneficial.

A great option for new and used construction equipment, a finance lease allows you to get the most out of the asset and dispose of it when you’re ready.

Spread the VAT

Flexible Options

Cash Flow Efficient

Why choose contract hire for your construction assets

A finance lease contract is both a short and long-term option for many construction companies, allowing them to use assets during and after the agreement.

There’s no need to worry about finding a large sum of cash to fund your asset. Finance lease contracts typically have a low initial cash outlay, with the repayments spread monthly over a fixed term.

By spreading the cost of VAT, finance lease allows for accurate budgeting and lessens the impact of VAT costs. If you are VAT registered and the leased asset is used for business purposes, some or all of the VAT applied to the lease rental may be recovered.

Start the process today

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